About the Outreach Service

Outreach means that one of our support workers will come and meet you in your own home or a safe place of your choice on a regular basis.

They will offer you support and practical help with any difficulties you are having living on your own. All our workers are police checked and have plenty of experience. Your support can last up to 2 years but this will depend upon how long you need us for.

What support can I have?

  • Getting a tenancy or help keeping one!
  • Getting furniture for your home.
  • Getting things you need to decorate your home.
  • Getting information and the correct benefits.
  • Help with basic life skills.
  • Getting extra support from other services if you need it.
  • Help with managing your money and paying your bills.
  • Help with forms.
  • Getting a job or a training course.

How do I apply?

You can apply yourself or be offered a referral from other agencies. Once the outreach team have had a referral someone will contact you and arrange an appoitment to look at your support needs.

What happens when I have applied?

The outreach team will score your support needs to see what level of support you have. If you are eligible for our service the team will look at availability and offer you a support worker, a place on the waiting list and/or a referral to another agency if appropriate.